Acción y Eventos

A&E is specialiced in the design of trips and programs both for groups of scholars and adults.



  • We advise teachers or people in charge of groups which trips to choose or activities to do depending on the group’s characteristics: age, cultural or sport interest, length, distance of destination taking into account place of departure, means of transport, etc.
  • We go to your school or social centre to give an informative talk about the trip, in which we would answer any enquiry.
  • We offer the possibility of selling tickets so that students can afford self-financing their trip up to 100€.
  • We make sure that all destinies offer special menus for food intolerances or allergies.


Goals to get with our programs:

That all participants are able to:

  • Relate constructively with other people, getting attitudes of cooperation, participation and respect, overcoming inhibitions and prejudices.
  • Enjoy physical and sport activities no matter the score.
  • Respect the social, natural and cultural environment in which they act and use them as instruments for their formation.
  • Get to knowand enjoy different physical and sport activities that take place in a natural environment, encouraging its execution as a habit.



Multi-adventure trips

Cazorla, Asturias, Pyrenees.



Sea-related trips

Marbella, Cabo de Gata, Algarve (Portugal), Tenerife, Huelva, Tarifa.



Leisure/Cultural trips

Granada, Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Pilgrimage to Santiago, Brussels, Italy.



Snow trips


Actividades de Ocio Borreguiles, Actividades Ocio Mirlo Blanco/Visita C.A.R., Snowshoe Tour, Esquí/Snow en Sierra Nevada (1 día), Ski-Snow in Sierra Nevada with Accommodation, Esquí/Snow in Andorra (5 days and 5 nights).




One Day Trips

If you just want to leave and come back the same day, without sleeping out, A&E offers you a great variety of activities for your group –sport, cultural or leisure; Touring Kayak and Paddle Sup; Canyon descent; Surf-Kite-Paddle combination; whales and dolphins watching; Theme Parks: Selwo, Isla Mágica, Aqualand, Castillo de las Guardas, etc., Bike Routes (Vias Verdes), Trekking, Gymkhanas and Days’ Games, etc.