If what you are looking for is to leave and return on the same day, without having to sleep outside the home, Acción y Eventos offers a variety of sports, cultural and leisure activities for your group.

You can download the PDF here.

Whale Watching in Tarifa:

Avistamiento de cetaceos - Acción y Eventos



Combined Surf – Kite – Paddel Sub:


Combinado Surf – Kite – Paddel Sub



Canyoning down:

Descenso de barrancos - Acción y Eventos




Kayak by Nerja and Maro:

Combinado Surf – Kite – Paddel Sub




Gymkhanas / Amusement Park / Visits Monuments:

Atracciones - Accion y Eventos




Vias Verdes - Accion y Eventos